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One of the keys to leadership success involves having something to aim for, something that inspires both you a

Ben Waves

What would happen if you went too far? I watched my son dodge waves at the beach this chilly winter morning.

Business success

How often do you call it quits on a great idea before you’ve made it happen? My two young sons set up a lim


When is the last time your emotions got the better of you at work? I remember being in a meeting with a senio

Surprise and shock

What mistake has your team losing trust for you by the second? I spent a good part of this past weekend helpi

Blank white bus

What is it that makes a team? Author Jim Collins, who wrote the business classic Good to Great, told us to ma


Have you ever noticed that it’s easy to figure out what other people need to do differently, but it’s real


Have you ever been frustrated when you need someone to make a decision, or take an action, and it just takes w


There are three unconscious questions that the people you’re leading are asking themselves about you all the

Best seller rubber stamp

What? Leadership lessons from Stephen King? He’s not a leader …. I grew up playing softball – a lot.